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Here are answers to many of the common questions people have about learning to scuba dive.

Dear Harry’s Dive Shop:

Anxiety: A word synonymous with scuba?

It began when my parents asked me to join them when they got certified. My response was an emphatic No!

A couple years later, my husband asked me to join him when he got certified. Again, I said No!

Just walking along the pool’s edge was enough to make my heart race so becoming a scuba diver was out of the question. Then my kids wanted to scuba dive. I had to change my attitude and view diving from a different angle. The pool was no longer my problem, now I worried about the creatures that might cause my kids (and me) bodily harm.

Encouraged from all sides, I reluctantly enrolled in scuba class. Now my concerns were about what might happen through my lack of knowledge and experience. And so I set out to learn as much about diving as I possibly could. With the patient and caring instructors at Harry’s Dive Shop, I overcame my fears and anxiety. Better yet, I have had to eat my words and admit that I should never say “never.”

Diving is now a passion that I share with my family and friends. I now plan to become an instructor for Scuba Rangers, a kids summer program.

Try scuba and you may find that it changes your life and the way you look at vacations.



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