How Much Does It Cost?

How Much?

The good news is that how much you will spend learning to scuba dive with Harry’s Dive Shop is largely up to you. You have control over factors such as whether you want to take a private or group class, or where and how you complete your open-water training dives. All these factors have a direct bearing on how much you spend.

Our course fees cover all of the following:

  • All in-water instruction.
  • Use of tanks, regulators and BCs in the pool.
  • Certification card processing following open-water training.

Additionally, our Open Water scuba course includes a full color textbook, diver’s logbook and plastic dive chart in a convenient zippered bag. Student divers are required to use equipment from Harry’s Dive Shop until certification is obtained.

Open Water Diver Course Orientation

This is the pre-course session all students (except those taking private instructor) must attend. The Orientation fee is in addition to the prices listed in the next sections.

Item Description Price
Open Water Diver Course Orientation $99

Knowledge Review/Skill Development Options

Prices are per student. Remember that these fees are in addition to the $99 Orientation fee (not applicable for private instruction).

Item Description Price
Two-Week, Evening Classes $300
Weekend Accelerated Class $300
Private Instruction: 1 person $799
Private Instruction: 2 people* $750
Private Instruction: 3 people* $700
Private Instruction: 4 people* $650
Private Instruction: 5 people* $600
Private Instruction: 6 or more people* $550

* Everyone in the group must attend the same sessions for this price to apply.

Open Water Training Options

Item Description Price
Complete your training on one of our group vacations $100
Accompany us on one of our Florida certification trips (does not include equipment rental) $325
Referral package so that you can complete training on your own $50

What You Provide

  • For the pool, personal equipment items such as masks, snorkels, fins, wetsuit boots, weight belts and weights. (see complete list).
  • For open water, all of the above, plus two tanks, regulator system with computer console, BC, colder-water wetsuit. (These items available for rental from Harry’s Dive Shop.)
  • Dive knife/cutting tool and whistle for open water.
  • Transportation to and from training sites.
  • Any other travel-related expenses not included in trip fees.

Unless specifically included in the cost of a particular trip, students are responsible for providing their own accommodations. If this is necessary, we will provide you with a list of area hotels.

If you have any questions about the costs involved in learning to dive, please ask us. We find that students are much happier knowing this information now, rather than being surprised by it later.

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