Equipment Service


Repair Room

The Service Department at Harry’s Dive Shop is managed and maintained by Louis Stein. Louis is assisted by other well trained and experienced technicians. The service department’s goal is to provide the best possible service to our customers and friends.

To achieve and maintain that goal:

  • We utilize the best diagnostic system available in the industry.
  • Our technicians are current with schooling and printed manuals.
  • Our cleaning equipment is industry state-of-the-art.
  • Our service center is clean and professionally maintained.


Collectively, our technicians have over 55 years experience with using and servicing most makes, styles, models and brands of sport diving equipment. Items sold at Harry’s Dive Shop, usually can be serviced in one week, barring any unforeseen problems or back ordered parts. Though we would like to give an absolute guarantee of one week, we cannot unless each and every aspect of the service in 100 percent within our control. But nonetheless, one week is typically enough time to complete the services needed.

Equipment Service Rates (parts not included)

BC service$40.00

Item Price
Regulator (first stage only) $50.00
Regulator (second stage only) $40.00
Alternate air source inflator $40.00
Regulator (first and second stage) $80.00
Regulator (first and second stage, plus octo) $120.00
Tank valve $20.00
Hydro (includes visual, O-ring, decal and air fill) $50.00
Computer battery (labor only) $10.00
Hose replacement Cost of hose

Please Note

Scuba Regulators: If your regulator is under warranty, you must present the warranty card together with the item when dropping it off.

Second Stage

To maintain the highest degree of performance, all scuba regulators should be serviced at least once each year. If you do this with your ScubaPro regulator, your warranty is valid for the duration of your life as its owner and you will not pay for parts.

Breathing Cylinders: We require that all tanks being filled with breathing air have a current hydrostatic test date and visual inspection sticker.

Buoyancy Compensators: We suggest that you first check it out yourself by inflating it and letting it sit for 24 hours. If it leaks air, it needs professional servicing.

Please Note: All service is performed on a pre-paid basis (i.e., you pay when you drop your items off).


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