Advanced Nitrox/Extended Range

Tech Diver TrainingWhether staying longer, going deeper, breathing a richer gas or penetrating overhead environments, this is the beginning of a whole new realm of underwater adventure. This program introduces the academic knowledge, equipment, skills and techniques needed to plan and conduct dives beyond the traditional recreational depth limits with simulated stage decompression.

Full technical training is an equipment- and skill-intensive endeavor. Considerable classroom sessions and in-water practice of skills are necessary. Emphasis is on diving physics and physiology and the equipment and skills necessary to conduct yourself safely in a wide variety of underwater situations.

Entering the extended-range or technical realm is a big commitment. These dives are usually mission-oriented and require more preparation and planning. Buoyancy control and proper propulsion techniques must be mastered. Most important is the right mind-set in the form of self-sufficiency and situational awareness.

Tech Divers

Contrary to stereotypes, true technical divers are not hard-core risk takers who brag. On the contrary, good technical and extended-range divers are fully aware of their capabilities and their limitations. They train and educate themselves for the diving excursion at hand, equip themselves properly and know not to take Mother Nature for granted. These divers are part of a team where each has a specific duty.

Begin your adventure into the beyond. For more information, call or stop by Harry’s Dive Shop.


Who?This course has these prerequisites:


Who? The course consists of the normal pre-course self study, plus an evening of classroom and pool work, followed by two full days of in-water training.


Who?All classroom and pool sessions take place right here at Harry’s Dive Shop. Open-water dive locations will vary, depending on time of year and conditions. (Your instructor can provide more details.)


When?This course is available to individuals, couples and other small groups on demand, subject only to time of year and instructor availability. Please contact Harry’s Dive Shop for more information.

How Much?

How Much?
Course fees may vary depending on group size, time of year and other factors. Base price for a group of at least two people is $395 per person. Please contact Harry’s Dive Shop for more information.

Students are responsible for:

  • Any fees associated with training dives.
  • Self-study materials.
  • Personal diving equipment.
  • All air or gas fills.
  • Dive site admission fees.
  • Transportation to and from dive sites.
  • Accommodations and meals, as needed.
  • Certification card processing.

Required Equipment

Equipmentstudents are responsible for supplying the following:

  • Mask and non-split scuba fins.
  • Backup mask.
  • Adequate exposure protection with sufficient pockets to carry required additional equipment.
  • Reliable weight system, if needed.
  • Large-capacity single cylinder with DIN H-valve or doubles with dual-orifice DIN manifold.
  • Technical harness and air cell.
  • Two separate regulator first and second stages, one with long hose.
  • Pony/deco bottle with regulator and SPG.
  • Two dive computers; multi-gas preferred and at least one capable of entering gauge mode.
  • Three lights: two primary, one backup.
  • 200 ft primary reel and finger spool.
  • Three cutting devices: Knife, trauma shears, razor cutter.
  • Jon line with clip.
  • Compass.
  • Whistle and visible surface signal.
  • 50-lb lift bag/surface marker buoy.
  • Two slates or Wet Notes.

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