Scuba Skills Update

Refresher CourseSo long as you dive actively, take continuing education courses and record your training and experience in your dive log, you’ll find your certification is good indefinitely. What happens, however, when circumstances force you to take a break from diving for up to a year or more?

Like your high school or college diploma, your certification never “expires.” But, just as you can’t expect employers to want you if you put your diploma on a shelf and never use it, you can’t expect dive operators to welcome you with open arms if you’ve not been in the water in the past year or more.

Over time, knowledge fades, skills are forgotten and (let’s be honest here) our bodies change as well. All of these factors can severely impact our safety and enjoyment.

Fortunately, there is an easy solution to this problem. Just take part in one of our scuba refresher courses. We’ll review important knowledge in the classroom, and get in the pool with you to practice critical skills under water. When we’re done, you’ll be ready to get back into the swing of things — just as you were when you first learned to dive.

Refresher CourseRemember how much you plan to invest in your next dive vacation. Compared to this, the minimal time and modest expense of a refresher is cheap insurance that you won’t waste a moment of it.

Additional Options


  • If you are fairly up-to-date in terms of training and/or experience, confident in your abilities, and just want the opportunity to get in the water and practice, you and a buddy can take advantage of our Saturday afternoon scuba time. For $35/person, you can use the pool any time between 1:00 and 4:00 pm. Need to use our rental equipment as well? Add $10.
  • If it has been several years since you were last in the water, consider retaking an entire beginning scuba course. The last several years have seen tremendous advances in training and equipment. You don’t want to put your safety and enjoyment in jeopardy by not being totally up to date.


Who?You need to be:

  • A certified diver (any agency).
  • Able to either answer No to all of the questions on the RSTC Medical History form, or secure a physician’s approval prior to taking part.

You will need to bring proof of certification with you. If you have lost your card, we can help get you a replacement.


What?You start by going through the SSI eLearning course. Then you hop in our heated, indoor pool, where the instructor will give you the opportunity to review and practice the same critical scuba skills you mastered when you first became certified.


Where?All activities take place right here at Harry’s Dive Shop. We are among the few dive centers in the country with our own indoor, heated swimming pool. This 16-foot-deep pool was designed specifically for diver training. It provides unbeatable convenience and enjoyment.


When?Refresher training is available the second (or, in the case of May, the third) Saturday of each month. we can also do private refresher courses at your convenience. Plan on spending about two and a half hours with us. 2015 Refresher course dates inlude:

  • Saturday, November 11, 2017
  • Saturday, December 9, 2017

How Much?

How Much?$200 per person fi you take part in one of our regularly scheduled group refresher classes; otherwise, $300/person for private instruction..

Required Equipment

Required EquipmentUse this opportunity to bring all of your current equipment with you so that we can check it out. If there are any items you don’t own (or which are no longer safe to use), we can provide you with ones from our rental department.

You will also need to provide a log book so that we can sign off that you have completed the refresher experience. Increasingly, dive operators want to see a log book in addition to your c-card, so that they can verify the extent and recency of your experience.

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