We recycle just about everything

If you’ve ever bought anything from us that didn’t already come in its own box, you no doubt noticed that we did not put the items you purchased into the normal plastic bags. To us, that’s a waste of natural resources. Instead, we use the bags that we’ve acquired when shopping at major chain and department stores.

Similarly, when we mail checks to suppliers, we do so using envelopes we salvaged from other sources — ones that, had we not rescued them, would have ended up, unused, in the landfill.

Everyone in the dive business will tell you how they’re all about protecting the fragile aquatic environment. We think that commitment needs to extend above water as well. We figure that, as we already have a very professional Internet presence and a beautiful dive store, we don’t need to stroke our egos by giving out wasteful packaging with our logo all over it. We hope you’ll join us in our conservation efforts.