Visiting New Orleans?

Among the most frequent questions we get is from people visiting New Orleans for business or pleasure. They figure that, given our proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, there should be some great diving right out our back door. Well…


This picture pretty well tells the story. The Mississippi River delta deposits millions of tons of sediment offshore every day, reducing visibility for up to 100 miles or more. As a result, we don’t really dive in our own backyard.

When we dive, we typically drive three to four hours to Gulf Shores, Alabama, Pensacola or Panama City, Florida, or Vortex Spring in the Florida Panhandle. In fact, during the warmer months, we run Gulf Shores wreck diving trips at least twice a month.

There are a handful of charter operators who will, occasionally, run dive trips to the offshore oil rigs. However, they do so only sporadically, and they cater almost exclusively to spearfishermen. Also, in the time it takes you to reach a rig with any sort of visibility, you can easily drive to the Florida Panhandle.

If your travel schedule coincides with one of our Gulf Shores or Panama City trips, we’d love to have you join us. Learn more…