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Poseidon Se7en

The Poseidon Mark Se7en CCR (Closed-Circuit Rebreather) is truly the world’s first CCR for recreational diving. It is designed, built and tested to perform well in all conditions. It’s a fully closed, fully-automated unit that will make you see diving in a different light. Performance and ease of use offer divers the opportunity to experience the underwater world without compromise.

Whether your desire is to get closer to marine life, spend more time underwater, dive deeper or simply enjoy the bubble-free silence, the Poseidon Mark Se7en is for you. Together, the on-board computer and Smart Battery monitor and log both your oxygen exposure and decompression obligation. The Poseidon Mark Se7en can be whatever you want it to be – a Recreational Rebreather or a 100-meter-rated Technical Rebreather; it’s your choice! With time and training, the ocean floor can be your limit.
DiverIn the Gulf of Mexico on the Poseidon Se7en, we had relaxing yet exciting experiences with marine life that otherwise would have run scared from bubble blowers. Without blowing bubbles, we co-existed with the largest sea turtle on earth (shell the size of a car’s hood with barnacles the size of tangerines) and scratched the heads of three different octopi.

Then, while hanging in silence on the down line at the Oriskany watching the activity of humans and fish below, the peace and underwater connectedness was awe-inspiring. Words cannot begin to describe the experience. We look forward to introducing you to a new way of diving.

Now you can join us in this amazing world. You first step is to take part in one of our one-day Try CCR experiences. You’ll gain a fundamental understanding of what CCRs are, how they work, their features and benefits, and much more. You will also spend several hours in the pool, experiencing the Poseidon Mark Se7en first hand.

If you decide you want to continue, this time and experience is credited toward your full Poseidon Mark Se7en Rebreather Diver certificaiton.



This course has the following prerequisites:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Possess a minimum of Open Water Diver certification.
  • Obtain a physician’s approval for diving.



All classroom and confined-water training takes place right here at Harry’s Dive Shop. We are among the few dive centers in the country with our own indoor, heated swimming pool. This 16-foot-deep pool was designed specifically for diver training. It provides unbeatable convenience and enjoyment.



Try CCR Experiences fun from 10:00 in the morning until 4:00 in the afternoon. Upcoming dates include:

  • Call us for upcoming dates

Classes require a minimum of three people to run as scheduled. If fewer than three people sign up, we reserve the right to either cancel the class or impose a $100 uncharge.

Please be aware that, while we make every effort to keep our listings accurate and up to date, you should always call the store to confirm starting dates and times.

How Much?

How Much?

The cost of this program is $125, which covers all instruction and the cost of CO2 absorbent and oxygen. Your instructor will have details and costs for continuing your CCR training.

Required Equipment


Students are responsible for supplying mask, snorkel and fins, and should bring any other equipment they own with them.

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