CCR and Tech Diver Training

Try CCR Experience

Poseidon Se7en

The Poseidon Mark Se7en CCR (Closed-Circuit Rebreather) is truly the world’s first CCR for recreational diving. It is designed, built and tested to perform well in all conditions. It’s a fully closed, fully-automated unit that will make you see diving in a different light. Performance and ease of use offer divers the opportunity to experience the underwater world without compromise. The Try CCR Experience is the first step toward full Poseidon Mark Se7en Rebreather Diver certification. Find out more…

Advanced Nitrox/Stage Deco

Tech Diver Training

Extended range/technical diving is defined as: exceeding 130-foot depth, making planned decompression stops, using more than a single gas mixture, or traveling more than 130 linear feet into an overhead environment or a combination. Full technical training is an equipment- and skill-intensive endeavor. Considerable classroom sessions and in-water practice of skills are necessary. Emphasis is on diving physics and physiology and the equipment and skills necessary to conduct yourself safely in a wide variety of underwater situations. Find out more…