The Art of Freediving


Want to try the age old sport of freediving? Want to improve your breathing skills for scuba diving?

The only way people learn new skills safely is through repetition. We want you to feel safe and at ease in the water and the only way to do that is for you to become truly comfortable with your knowledge, skills and equipment.

An introduction into the purest form of diving: Learn proper breathing techniques, familiarize yourself with diaphragm breathing and take a deep breath like you never have before.

Acquire the skills and knowledge to freedive as deep as 60 feet in the safest and most relaxed manner possible. Train your body to be more efficient with breathing, gain better control over respiration and muscle flexibility.




This course has the following prerequisites:

  • Be at least 12 years old.
  • Possess a minimum of Open Water Diver certification.
  • Be able to either answer No to all of the questions on the RSTC Medical History form, or secure a physician’s approval prior to taking part.



This course consists of two classroom/pool sessions (mostly pool). If you would like to receive a Specialty Diver certification for this course, you must also complete open-water training dives. Your instructor will have details.



All classroom and pool training take place right here at Harry’s Dive Shop. We are among the few dive centers in the country with our own indoor, heated swimming pool. This 16-foot-deep pool was designed specifically for diver training. It provides unbeatable convenience and enjoyment.



This course is available to individuals, couples and other small groups on demand, subject only to time of year and instructor availability. Please contact Harry’s Dive Shop for more information.

How Much?

How Much?

Course fees may vary depending on group size, time of year and other factors. Base price for a group of at least two people is $250 per person. Please contact Harry’s Dive Shop for more information.

The course fee includes:

  • All instruction.
  • Self-study materials.

Students are responsible for supplying:

  • Personal diving equipment (see list below).
  • Certification card processing.

Your instructor will have details and costs for the optional open-water training dives.

Required Equipment


students are responsible for supplying the following:

  • Mask, snorkel, fins.
  • Weight belt, weights.
  • Adequate exposure protection.

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