Computer Diving


(This is not a joke.) A man bought a computer and went diving. Two days later, he brought it back stating it was defective. Since we also could not make the computer function, we replaced it on the spot. A couple of days later, the computer woke up and functioned as designed.

The diver had not read the instructions, input wrong information and thus violated the unit. For safety and as designed, the computer shut down for 48 hrs and his diving for the weekend was over.


Do you know:

  • What half times are?
  • How about MODs?
  • M-values?
  • Deep Stops?
  • Safety Stops?
  • Decompression Stops?
  • Variable Ascent Rates?
  • What it means when you are told to keep your computer in double digits?
  • What happens if you lose your computer (theft, loss, battery, malfunction) halfway through a trip?

Learn the answer to these questions and many more.



This course has the following prerequisites:

  • Be at least 12 years old.
  • Possess a minimum of Open Water Diver certification.



This course consists of one classroom session. If you would like to receive a Specialty Diver certification for this course, you must also complete open-water training dives. Your instructor will have details.



All training takes place right here at Harry’s Dive Shop.





This course is available to individuals, couples and other small groups on demand, subject only to time of year and instructor availability. Please contact Harry’s Dive Shop for more information.

How Much?

How Much?

Course fees may vary depending on group size, time of year and other factors. Base price for a group of at least two people is $150 per person. Please contact Harry’s Dive Shop for more information.

The course fee includes:

  • All instruction.
  • Self-study materials.

Students are responsible for supplying their own dive computer.

Your instructor will have details and costs for the optional open-water training dives.

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