Your BC needs service, too

BC ServiceIt’s funny how many divers who would never dream of allowing their regulator system to go more than a year without being professionally inspected and serviced think nothing of allowing their BC to go indefinitely without receiving the same level of care. Consider the facts:


New Learning Opportunity: Advanced Adventures

Advanced AdventurerBecause all of us have demanding schedules, we are now offering the opportunity to sample some of the many specialty courses offered at Harry’s Dive Shop. In addition to a one-evening introduction, you can enjoy a weekend of up to five dives under the supervision of an instructor. You can also get the Advanced Adventurer recognition card with as few as ten open water dives. More…

New Course: Basic Underwater Photography

CameraIt’s not enough to simply tell friends and family members about your diving adventures — especially in this era of social media. You need to be able to show them. It’s easier and more affordable than you think. Join us Tuesday, February 16, for our next Underwater Photo course. This four-evening program includes camera use and you also get to attend our February 26 Underwater Photo seminar (normally $75) free. More…

Great New T-Shirt Avaiable

New T-ShirtYou gotta love this “Happy Bubbles” design. The new shirts are scheduled to arrive by the time you read this, so stop by and get yours before they are gone.

Harry’s Dive Shop Rewards Good Students

RecogniionSome students at Belle Chasse High School who proved they could dive into their lessons got a big reward, compliments of Harry’s Dive Shop. A group of the school’s top students were treated to a day of scuba instruction at Harry’s. But they had to earn it. For more on the requirements that the students were able to achieve, watch this video.

2017 Schedule Available Now

ScheduleYou can find detailed information on dates, times and prices for all Harry’s Dive Shop classes and activities not only here on our website, but also in our handy 60-page schedule booklet. You can pick this up in person at the store, or download it from our Calendar page.

Equipment Service Made Easy

ServiceVisit our Service page for information and prices on regulator and BC repair. You pay for service when you drop your item off and, if you have maintained the warranty, that’s all you pay. If your item requires parts not covered under warranty, you will pay for those when you pick your item up.

Customer shares what many feel

ThanksWe just received this email from a student who took part in our August checkout dive trip. The sentiment, while not unusual, is certainly appreciated. If you are not yet a certified diver — or you have friends who need to get certified — why wait any longer? Get started now.

Caring for your regulator after saltwater dive trips

RegulatorAll regulators need professional inspection or service at least once a year. However, you can improve your regulator’s performance between service intervals and avoid the need for premature service by properly caring for it between dives.