Ray Spadafora


Ray Spadafora Umbach

Ray Spadafora is a scuba instructor with Harry’s Dive Shop and Metairie Diving School. He is an accomplished Organist and played regularly at his church. Ray’s favorite movie is Patton, his music preference is Oldies and his favorite marine creature is the Lobster. (You have to wonder about this.) Ray’s claim to fame is his ability to drive safely at warp speed and not get a ticket. When he was ten years old, Ray dreamed of being an accountant. Guess what? He IS an accountant. Cha Ching- success!

Ray’s older daughter got him interested in diving when she and her husband got certified. Ray’s favorite divine experience to date was his dive to the flight deck of the Oriskany, the world’s largest artificial reef off the Florida coast. What Ray gets out of diving is “getting up early” as well as relaxation and escape from corporate America.