Justin Poche



Justin Poche’s scuba adventures began when, in second grade, he went on a field trip to the New Orleans aquarium and saw divers in the water. He got scuba certified as soon as his father would let him and is now an esteemed instructor. When he was ten years old, Justin wanted to be either a Police Officer or a trainer at Sea World. His favorite movie is V for Vendetta, his music choices are wide and varied but country wins out and his preferred marine creature is the Hawksbill Sea Turtle. When in Bonaire, Justin recalls a fantastic dive of 101 minutes whereby he got to see and interact with a young turtle. Justin’s claim to fame is that he plans to be famous one day but in the meantime, he also enjoys golf and practically everything involving the water. His favorite class to teach is the In-Water Orientation because he gets the first opportunity to make a great impression on up-and-coming divers.