JP Garnier



JP Garnier began scuba diving while still in high school. As an adult, he was manager of Sharky’s Reef, a local restaurant/bar sporting a 135,000 gallon saltwater aquarium with lots of sharks. JP’s favorite music is everything Caribbean and Jimmy Buffet in particular. Movies where the shark wins are his favorite. And can you guess what his favorite marine creature is? Yep, the variegated and reticulated sea slug. Really, it’s the shark! When JP was a little boy of ten, he dreamed of one day being an eye doctor. His most memorable diving experience was drift diving in Roatan and seeing lots of different corals but his claim to fame is nearly unbelievable: He gave CPR to a six-foot Lemon Shark and brought him back to life. JP’s other hobbies include photography and electronic photographic gadgets.