John Swafford



John Swafford took up the wonderful sport of scuba in 2008 after a close friend got certified and starting flashing his certification around. Since John showed great enthusiasm and a willingness to work, he joined our team working part-time on the sales floor and teaching swimming. When John was ten years old, he wanted to be a comedian. His favorite movie is A Night at the Roxbury, his preferred music is Classic Rock and his most beloved marine creature is the Cuttlefish. John’s most memorable dive experience was in the Gulf of Mexico when he swam and interacted with several Goliath Groupers for a couple of hours. (His video is fantastic) John’s claim to fame is a toss up: He is both a professional doodler and a lover of animals, large and small, feathered and furry, slithering, crawling and swimming. Other hobbies include target shooting, gardening, and long walks on the levee with his dogs.