Ryan LeBrun



Ryan LeBrun was always fascinated with scuba diving. He watched numerous TV shows and imagined how cool it would be to make a dive in the ocean but thought it would be difficult. After years of driving by Harry’s Dive Shop, he finally stopped in for a visit. A month later, he was certified and hasn’t looked back. When Ryan was ten years old, he wanted to be a doctor so he could help people. His favorite movie is Captain Ron, his favorite music is Classic Rock but he listens to most anything, and his favorite marine creature is the elusive octopus. Ryan’s most memorable dive experience is his trip on a liveaboard to the Bahamas with Blackbeard’s Cruises and swimming with sharks. Ever since then, Ryan looks for sharks on every dive but is often disappointed. In addition to diving, he likes most outdoor activities such as kayaking, fishing, camping and mountain biking.