Adrien Meyer

Adrien Meyer always wanted to be scuba diver. When a good friend became an instructor, she was his first student. At the tender age of ten, Adrien was influenced by the television shows Dateline and Murder She Wrote and dreamed of being an attorney. Her favorite movie is Pretty Woman, her favorite music is whatever strikes her fancy at the moment and her favorite underwater creature is the whale; combining grace and strength in one fantastic animal.

AdrienAdrien’s claim to fame is her occasional ditziness causing others to refer to her as a Blonde Shoulda Been. She moved to our area from South Carolina shortly after Hurricane Katrina and rejoined the world of scuba diving in 2006. She fondly recalls being asked why she had gotten out of the water after a single, short dive and proceeded to get back in with the next group. Adrien enjoys outdoor activities like fishing, walking, bike riding and generally being in and around the water. Her passion is introducing people to diving through teaching entry level open water diving along with the Advanced Buoyancy Clinic.