About Harry’s Dive Shop

Of the more than 1,500 dive stores in the USA, only a tiny handful are older than Harry’s Dive Shop. None have a richer or more colorful history. To better understand Harry’s, you need to know more about the three generations behind it.



Cindy Caldwell, together with her family, friends, and valued employees, continues the energetic tradition of operating the oldest, largest, and most entertaining dive shop in the Greater New Orleans area. And, like her father, Cindy has become something of a legend herself. More….



Harry Caldwell, founder of Harry’s Dive Shop, was a pioneer of sport scuba diving. In the late 1950s, Harry gathered up a small group of ready, willing, and able self-taught divers to go forth, experience, and learn. Scuba diving, as a sport, was in its infancy. It would not be for long. More….



Harry Caldwell never had the opportunity to get to know his granddaughter the way so many of our friends and customers have. We have little doubt, however, he would be proud. Chelsea grew up in and around the dive store, accompanying us on trips and, later, helping out with classes and activities. More….

Avin LeBlanc

Our Staff

Avin Le Blanc is manager of Harry’s Dive Shop and is moving forward with her scuba education and experience. She and a some friends took class together but Avin is the one that remains active in the sport. She is interested in anything that keeps her physically motivated to stay in shape. More….

Crystal North

Our Staff

Crystal joined the staff at Harry’s Dive Shop in April, 2010. She came to us with experience as a commercial diver and swim team coach and manager. Crystal and Chelsea, Cindy’s daughter, became fast friends and together, they got Swim-Smart@Harry’s, a swim lessons program, off the ground and to a great start. More….

Louis Stein

Our Staff

Louis Stein is the in-house regulator technician and general equipment guru at Harry’s Dive Shop. Other than working on scuba regulators, his hobbies are computer tinkering and fine dining. (This man knows good food when he eats it.) His favorite movie is Blazing SaddlesMore….

Steve Corcoran


Steve Corcoran is a scuba instructor at Harry’s Dive Shop and Metairie Diving School. His hobbies, outside of diving and teaching diving, are antique cars and street rides. Steve’s favorite movie is Grease and his favorite music is Oldie. More….

Daryl Deroche


Daryl Deroche is a scuba instructor with Harry’s Dive Shop and Metairie Diving School. He thoroughly enjoys scuba diving but also tinkers with carpentry and other handyman jobs. Daryl’s favorite movie is The Guardian, his favorite music is Easy Listening. More….

Susanne Karst


Susanne Karst became a diver along with a boyfriend in 1992, while living in Dallas. When she was a little girl of 10, Susanne wanted to be a school teacher. Her favorite movies are My Cousin Vinny and The Fifth Element, her music of choice is Contemporary Christian. More…

Mel Richard


Mel Richard is a Master Diver, our “Bird Whisperer” and lunch time pal at Harry’s Dive Shop. His other hobbies include fishing and boating. Mel’s favorite movie is The Godfather parts I and II, his favorite music is Classic Rock and his favorite marine creature is the Dolphin, aka Porpoise. More….

Craig Sanders


Craig Sanders became a diver in 1992 because he and his wife wanted to go scuba diving on their honeymoon. When he was 10 years old, he never wanted to go up but he did want to be an entrepreneur and own a business. Craig’s favorite movie is Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. More…

Ray Spadafora


Ray Spadafora is a scuba instructor with Harry’s Dive Shop and Metairie Diving School. He is an accomplished Organist and played regularly at his church. Ray’s favorite movie is Patton, his music preference is Oldies and his favorite marine creature is the Lobster. (You have to wonder about this.) More….

John Swafford


John Swafford took up the wonderful sport of scuba in 2008 after a close friend got certified and starting flashing his certification around. Since John showed great enthusiasm and a willingness to work, he joined our team working part-time on the sales floor and teaching swimming. More…

Merritt Talbot


Merritt Talbot got certified as a scuba diver when he was 13 years old. His instructor was the late Harry Caldwell, founder of Harry’s Dive Shop. Today, Merritt is one of our great scuba instructors whose enjoyment and appreciation of the sport speaks loud and clear. More…

Our “Other” Staff

Our Staff

They’re important, too. More….